A Bespoke Kitchen versus A Mass Produced Kitchen


If you are currently in the position where you are considering getting a new kitchen for your home, then you are faced with some choices. Do you save money and go for a mass produced off-the-shelf standard kitchen, or do you spend a little extra and get a personally designed Mascari fully functional bespoke kitchen?


The main differences between these two types of kitchens are the mainly the quality of the finished product, and of course the financial budget (which can vary quite substantially depending on what type of kitchen you go for). If you look at a mass produced kitchen (an example would be the kind that you will find in most do it yourself stores), then these kitchen units are usually made of MDF casing with low quality doors and a basic work surface.


The work surfaces in these kitchens are often made of toughened plastic and will generally be about 4 cm in depth and about 60 cm in width. You will have a choice of units, colors and styles to choose from, and many customers choose to take the flat pack units home and assemble them themselves.


A bespoke kitchen can often be considered to be at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to design and choice. A quality bespoke kitchen can be designed to fit virtually any kitchen size and shape that you care to mention. You can choose the depth and width of the kitchen units themselves, and you can also decide upon the dimensions, color and depth of the work surfaces.


A bespoke kitchen will often be recommended by professional kitchen designers and installers who care about quality and long lasting performance. Many standard mass produced kitchens are often installed by the homeowners or a local joiners. Most professional bespoke kitchen designers insist on using their old professional craftsman to ensure that the installation of the kitchen is done smoothly, quickly and to a very high standard.


There are lots of examples of mass produced kitchens being fitted incorrectly, and this is a mistake that you really want to avoid if you up paying for a very high quality handmade kitchen. A fully bespoke designed kitchen may have a 5 or 10 year guarantee on materials and workmanship attached to it, whereas an off-the-shelf standard kitchen will often come with no guarantee at all.

In any event, all options regarding kitchen styles come with a range of materials, colors, designs and features. Therefore it is always wise to take professional advice before you spend money on any long-lasting kitchen.