Storage Solutions In Bespoke Kitchens

Efficient storage for your bespoke kitchen

No matter what style of kitchen you have, contemporary kitchen design, a sleek modern designer kitchen or a bespoke kitchen, every body requires good storage solutions. In this article we shall explore some interesting storage solutions for the kitchen.  

The first section will look at conventional storage, such as cabinets, draws  and racks. The second section will examine modern alternatives to your kitchen storage needs.

When your bespoke kitchen is designed, a crucial part in the process is the requirement for adequate storage. Traditionally this would mean that you would have kitchen worktops, often with a couple of draws to store cutlery and pots and pans.

Above the work tops you would often have numerous cupboards, which would be styled to be part of the kitchen. In modern designer kitchens these cupboards could range in colour and material from oak to mahogany, from white to florescent pink ( not that you see many pink kitchens)

You would  keep sauces and spices on a rack located within your kitchen. This lay out is normal for the most contemporary kitchens or well designed bespoke kitchens.

However in today's modern times what other storage solutions are available for you to choose. The first option is placing a plasma TV into the worktop. How fantastic, turn on  the TV with the remote and whilst you cook, your favourite TV program comes on. Because the TV disappears when it is  not in use, you gain allot by installing this storage device.


Bespoke kitchens

Another simple, yet highly effective storage solution for the kitchen is the modern pantry. Unlike times past,  these clever cabinets often contain folding shelves, instant wine racks and even draws that fold away to only take up a couple of inches. The modern pantry has been designed around functionality and quality craftsmanship, and fully enhances your contemporary kitchen.

In addition modern pantries often have a “pull out” often a vertical pull out shelf that is hidden from view and maximises storage space.

This next storage solution is old school but has been re vamped. It is called a Linero. A chrome hanging space for your frying pans and pots.  This simple device means you no longer need to rummage through cupboards,  trying to find the correct pan.

Kitchen Storage Solutions Summary

What ever style of kitchen you have, modern sleek designer kitchen, or contemporary kitchen then storage solutions will always be important. Whether you chose cabinets, pull outs, modern pantries or even stylish lineros there is bound to be storage solution in the kitchen for you!


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